WESTERN | HORSEMANSHIP – Beginners welcome for all camps

Horse and rider need training. Experience is what it takes to care for a horse, prepare for trail rides. and, experience the exhilaration of barrel racing. Participate in the week’s end rodeo. Learn fascinating horsemanship skills and broaden your equine knowledge.

ENGLISH | HORSEMANSHIP for Teen and Youth Camps only

Experience the world of dressage, simple jumping and cross-country. You might get to participate in the week’s end rodeo – English style. This is an advance activity. You must verify riding horses at least ten times previously.

IMAGINATIVE | CRAFTS for Kids’ camps

Liberate your imagination by creating various crafts. Use your artistic talents to fashion a unique souvenir from Mountain View.



EXPRESSIVE | CANDLE MAKING for teen and youth camps

Form your own design and create unique besswax, float, mold, or gel candles. A variety of colors, smells and textures of wax awaits you.

CREATIVE | POTTERY – for Teen and Youth Camps only

See what a marvelous bowl, vase or garden pots you can create from clay. Take some clay for a whirl on the pottery wheel, and watch your creation unfold in your own hands.


Using colors of the rainbow, paint a personalized ceramic piece that you can treasure long after you leave camp.


Want to produce your own movie? Work together to write a simple script, direct a cast from your group, shoot and edit an actual video you will be able to keep for years to come.


Imagine no electricity, running water or stores stocked with food. Camp will train you to learn the basics of outdoor survival. These skills include fire building, creating shelter, locating food, and orienteering.

FOCUSED | ARCHERY – for campers ages 11+

Develop an archer’s skill and show off your talent to the entire camp in a demonstration during the Showoff Program.

ACCURATE | AXE THROWING – For teen and youth camp only

Develop a lumber person’s skill and show off your talent to the entire camp in a demonstration during the Showoff Program.

CHALLENGE | COURSE – For campers ages 10+

Release your inner squirrel! Practice your balance and problem solving  skills as you cross the challenge course.  Why you may even want to plan for the “tough mudder” after this week.  Make every effort to over come your fears. You will want to improve your abilities in time for the demonstration of your skills at the end of the week.


A classic summer camp experience loved by all. Cool off in the refreshing waters of our crystal clear pool and learn essential swimming skills.


Perfect your skills on water skis, wakeboard, slalom ski, or kneeboard. For first timers, a training boom is available to make learning easier and more enjoyable.


Advance your skills wake surfing. Learn to catch a wave and do tricks while surfing


Train to paddle a canoe in a straight line, and rescue a dumped canoe with lots of water fun.


Expel energy through a variety of team games and popular sports such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, etc.


Learn to set up a pyramid; do cart wheels, headstands, and synchronized routines for Friday’s show off


Explore who the Creator is. Ask questions, respond to ideas, and learn how to apply the stories of the Bible in your life.  A time to learn to study the bible and how to pray.


Dig your toes into the sand. Dive, jump and set to win. Be prepared for an intense game of sand volleyball.


Spend a week challenging yourself to improve and learn new skills while learning how to be a part of a team.